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Now hiring: Installers (handymen)

A  local child-proofing company is looking for a hard-working craftsman (handyman) to perform installation services at clients’ homes. 
This is a great opportunity for an individual with a flexible schedule. It may start as a part-time gig and evolve into a full-time independent contractor position. 
Individuals currently employed as handymen with property management companies and/or doing business with freelance labor marketplaces such as
Task Rabbit and Thumbtack are encouraged to apply.


  • Nature of work – child-proofing installation services.
  • On-call“  hours – Monday – Sunday from 9 am to 9 pmaccording to the preliminary order execution schedule. 
  • Branded workwear will be provided.
  • Payment  – we offer 15% off each successfully performed installation.
    On averagean installation is worth $1,500, resulting in $225 earnings per installation.
    This is an independent contractor position.
    The employee is responsible for all related taxes.
  • Compensation – we will compensate to handymen a fuel expense of each visit for installation works for customers as follows:
    one install = $10 (five installs = $50;  ten installs = $100, etc.)
  • Motivation & Bonuses  – we will additionally allocate a share of the company’s profit to
    well-recommended team members. 
  • Requirements – An own vehicle, driver’s license, and insurancemust be comfortable with working in customers‘ homes;
    relevant experience as a handyman/carpenter/property caretaker is preferredhowever,
    we will train the applicant who we feel is the best for the job. The ideal candidate is reliablepunctualand personable.
    Must follow strict COVID-19 protocols in regards to PPE.  

To apply, please fill out the Contact form on our page and make sure you leave your best call back number.

For application, please call us at 855-OUCH-PRO or visit our contact page to fill out a simple form