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Super dads from DC are coming to California! Have a coronial (aka Corona Baby, aka baby born between 2020 and 2021?)  Take advantage of the premier East Coast childproofing team and leave securing your home to the pros!

For the first time, our team is coming to LA and Orange County. We are taking orders NOW!

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Our super dads are obsessed with making homes safer for babies and children. If we can prevent one “ouch!” — be it a tiny boo boo or a major injury requiring an ER visit — we are doing our job well!

When you hire our team, you won’t have to worry about assessing and neutralizing hidden dangers nor will you have to touch a hammer or a drill. Our super dads will do all the planning and measuring.

On the day of scheduled installation, two team members will come to your home and childproof the property in one session. Hazards in the kitchen and bathroom, fireplaces, tricky stairs, sharp corners: the dads will take care of it all.

We are offering free consultations – something that most childproofing agencies do not do. In addition, receive one baby gate for FREE when you place your order before August 1st. 

The team in action: A sample of photos and videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your website is about childproofing in Washington, DC. I’m confused: Do you really serve Los Angeles and Orange Counties?

Yes, we are taking orders in Southern California! Ouch Proofers is a premier childproofing company that started and is based in Washington, DC. However, we are expanding to Southern California. One of our super dads will divide his time between DC and Los Angeles while we set up our full presence here. Our CTO and our marketing team have been in Los Angeles from the get-go.

What about services and pricing? Are the prices listed throughout the website the same for both coasts?

Yes! Everything that’s available in DC is also available in Los Angeles and Orange County. The pricing is the same as well.

I want to speak to someone before placing an order. Can I do that?

Absolutely! You can call us at (855) 682-4776 or email at We would love to answer all your questions! We also offer free Zoom or Google Meet consultations; something that most childproofing agencies do not do.

Your county not listed? If you’re in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we can probably come to you too!